Those who nominated last year need to use their existing accounts, including exhibitor names and passwords. Returning exhibitors should NOT create a new account. For help accessing an account, contact Lexie Hayes with the K-State Youth Livestock Program.
The state livestock nomination process is open to Kansas 4-H and FFA members who would like to participate in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and/or Kansas Junior Livestock Show (KJLS).
All market animals and commercial breeding females must be state nominated to be eligible for the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and/or KJLS. This includes:
(1) Ordering official DNA envelopes in advance and paying the nomination fee through the ShoWorks system.
(2) Submitting identifying data on each animal through this ShoWorks online system, as well as the required information for each exhibitor within the family.
(3) Mailing an official DNA envelope for each nominated animal, which is complete, sealed, and signed by all exhibitors within the family, plus a parent/legal guardian.
*All steps must be complete for the exhibitors and animals to be ELIGIBLE for the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and/or KJLS. Submissions must also be approved by the appropriate extension agent and/or ag teacher to be accepted and eligible for exhibition.
**A copy of the receipt for all online nomination submissions must be mailed with the DNA envelopes via certified mail to the KSU Youth Livestock Program, being postmarked by the appropriate date. Late materials will not be accepted and all animals submitted after the postmark deadline will be ineligible.
***Nomination does not constitute show entry. They are separate and independent steps to participating in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or KJLS. The state livestock nomination process only makes animals eligible for either state show. Exhibitors must use the unique ShoWorks entry link through each specific show to formally submit show entries and pay the appropriate entry fees. Families who plan to exhibit in both shows will login to ShoWorks and submit information, as well as payment, at least three separate times, using the unique link for each step in the process (Nominations, Grand Drive Entries, KJLS Entries).
KSU Youth Livestock Program Mailing Address:
State 4-H/FFA Shows
Kansas State University
214 Weber Hall
1424 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506
Postmark Deadlines:
Market Beef – May 1
Commercial Heifers – June 15
Swine – June 15
Sheep – June 15
Meat Goats – June 15
SAVE CART and SAVE OFTEN! Saving your cart is the only way to keep user data and allows you to return later to complete your nomination submission.
Families are encouraged to use the step-by-step Specie Worksheets and Rookie Guide on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website to help guide them through the process. These documents include tips and hints for correct and complete nominations.
Nomination Information:
(A) ALL nomination data must be submitted online by 5:00pm on the appropriate date listed above for each specie.
(B) DNA envelope orders will close 10 days prior to the nomination deadline for each specie:
Market Beef - April 20
Small Livestock & Commercial Heifers - June 5
There will be an expedited shipping option for those who miss the deadline, or would like to have their DNA envelopes overnighted. The additional fee for expedited shipping is $50.
(C) Families will need to provide their official KSU Nomination # (assigned 5-digit number) and Family/Household Name in the system. Returning families may locate this number via the list posted on the youth livestock website, or obtain it by contacting their local extension office.
Families who are nominating for the first time need to request a KSU Nomination #, by using this link:  
KSU Nomination # Request:
These requests will be completed in the order in which they are received and may take 1-3 business days to be approved. New families will receive their official number via the email address provided in the request link (Qualtrics).
(D) All exhibitors are required to be YQCA certified prior to nomination. Certification must be valid through October 1, 2023 to be accepted. Users will upload a copy of the certificate for each exhibitor before the submissions will be accepted. Youth should complete the training as early as possible to have their 2022-2023 certificate available and ready to upload before beginning the process!
YQCA Website:
(E) Submitting this information is for state livestock nomination purposes only to officially nominate animals and make them eligible for the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and/or KJLS.
(F) A complete state livestock nomination does NOT constitute show entry. Official show entries must be made separately, directly though each individual show, in order to be able to exhibit. Rules and entry details may be found on each show's respective website:
(G) A family nomination system is used in Kansas. However, all exhibitors within the family must have EACH animal submitted under their name online, as well as sign all of the DNA envelopes for their family.
(H) Families should re-use their accounts created in 2022. However, is it imperative the same username and password are used. DO NOT create a new account for an exhibitor who nominated last year. Those who have forgotten their password may reach out to Lexie at for assistance.
(I) This year we are piloting the option for each exhibitor to click a check box to dual nominate gilts, ewes, and does for both the market division and the commercial breeding division. Dual nominating means you would like the animal to be eligible for either division and is the equivalent to entering their information twice, once under the market division and once under the commercial breeding division. Breed is required for all market animals, so this option is only available under the market division. For example, a gilt that should be dual nominated needs to be entered under the market division, then the “Dual Nomination” boxed checked. Please refer to each show’s respective rules on their market shows and breeding divisions. Please note only steers, barrows, and whethers may show in the market division at KJLS. All females must be exhibited in the breeding division for that specific show.  
(J) There is a $20 fee for any incomplete nomination received. This includes online submission data, uploaded documents, and DNA envelope(s). All nomination submissions are final. No refunds.
(K) Declaration, Housing, & Care - Exhibitors of Kansas Youth Livestock Shows are responsible for the proper care of their animal(s) by following acceptable methods of good animal husbandry. Youth are also expected to provide the primary care and training for livestock projects for the duration of the project. Primary care is defined as the exhibitor making the decisions for and providing the care, handling, and training of their livestock project a majority of the time.
*Families will need to complete and upload the 2023 Declaration Form for the exhibitors within their family. This form-fillable PDF is available by clicking the link below. It must be signed by all exhibitors within the family and a parent/legal guardian. Typed signatures will be accepted and are legally binding, as if they were physical signatures. The same completed form, representing the entire family, should be uploaded for each exhibitor.
(J) If you created a new PASSPORT account last year, your account was saved. Just log into your PASSPORT account. However, nominations will be easier to complete using a computer, which is recommended. NEW ShoWorks Passport users can create an account and it will save all of your entries from year to year, as well as for other fairs and shows!
You may also turn on notifications for the PASSPORT app, which will allow us to send you messages and alerts to stay up-to-date on your state nominations as well as the state shows!